Friday, May 1, 2009

This is the Song that doesn't end...

Following up on yesterday's "commie separatist manifesto" I decided that this being May Day I'd take the opportunity to write about more idiots that populate my fair city.

The Montreal Gazette reported in an article today that Montreal's 11 extreme-left communist groups are banding together for organize marches and concerts today to promote communism.

One march will start in the east en of the city lead by unions and the other march will be being in Cabot Square, in the middle of Downtown, and be lead by Anti-Capitalist, Anarchists and probably street punks that tend to show up to these things. If all goes well (which it won't) the groups should converge somewhere around Berri Square right between the Latin Quarter and the Gay Village.

As usual I'll include a few of my favorite quotes from the article:

"It's hard to be a communist in North America," Étienne (one of the commies) said. "But with the current economic crisis, with everyone questioning capitalism, we have a open window."

"There would be far less cars, and the city wouldn't be organized in a way that people need to live and work in different places," Eric (a 26 year old PHD student) said. "Workers would make the company's decisions, and there would be no boss."

Just when you thought it was over you realize that the insanity continues. How can a PHD student think that this would be good? I don't want anyone telling me where to work and that I can't own three cars, it's my business... just because he can't afford one or doesn't want one it doesn't mean that I can't have one. The beauty about Canada is that we have safeguards in place such as Workers Comp, Ei, Welfare, Medicare and Education which are given to ALL Canadians. Do we need a better way of helping the poor? Yes. Is there things we could do to help change their situations? Yes. But we don't need to change our economic system to do it. If we do there will be even less money to help them out!

The last thing I need is some cocky 26 year old PHD student telling me how I should live my life. Although considering that on the entire island of Montreal the was only 2207 votes for communist parties I don't think it'll happen any time soon.

So while our friends in Cuba are banging on their pots today for freedom of speech, travel, expression and in protest against communism (Generation Y and Octavo Cerco , From Here), I'll probably have my car vandalized by communists protesting against me.

Muchacho Enfermo

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Commie Rhetoric in my Town?

Today Quebec's left wing separatist party Québec Solidaire published a manifesto called "To Overcome the Crisis: We Must Surpass Capitalism?"

With this new publication they hope to enlighten the masses and bring us to the conclusion that only must we abandon our current economic system, but we must surpass it and embrace something new. "Our economic system itself, is based on the accumulation of endless profits and is largely responsible for the problems we are currently experiencing. It is time to revise the system to place the humanity at the center."

It is no surprise that they are launching this manifesto on the even of May 1st, International Workers Day, usually a day of riots and protests in Montreal and around the world. Oh yeah and in case you were wondering, the spokespeople for Québec Solidaire are the ones calling this publication a manifesto, I didn't put that word there for fun.

I'm sorry folks, but the commie crap just won't fly with me. I've seen first hand what communism does and anyone who has will agree with me that socialism is not the key to solving an economic crisis. EVER. Have we learned nothing from Cuba and the old Soviet Block? How much aid do we send to North Korea for food? And OUR economic system needs fixing? Please...

Not only is this party communist but they're separatist as well... So if they had their way Quebec would be a socialist nation of unemployed unilingual French people starving to death on the streets waiting for their promised utopia, their El Dorado, that will never ever come.

It's a good thing that no one votes for these people because then I'd start to get worried...

Muchacho Enfermo

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This Week In Politics (according to me)

My friends, in my 29 years on this earth and this country the stupidity that goes on in government has never ceased to amaze me. Political intrigue in Canada? Please, all we have in Canada is political bickering.

Take for example of yesterday: The federal Liberals we finally able to say that they were over the sponsorship scandal because they had retaken the lead in polls in Quebec for the first time since 2004. On the tail of that announcement the PQ announced that they had discovered a new “sponsorship scandal” at the provincial level claiming that the provincial Liberals had used funds that were supposed to be distributed in the Saguenay for economic development and funneled it down to companies in Montreal owned by Liberal party members. This isn’t even a political game or an attempt at character assassination, this is just good detective work by the PQ and a big let down by the Charest government.

If the PQ is indeed right, this would be devastating for Jean Charest and his federalist party. If the PQ is right, it might be exactly what the separatists have been waiting for to be able to tip the scales in their favor. Even if it’s only 8million dollars and it basically means nothing on a provincial budgetary level, it’s 8million TAXPAYER dollars that weren’t allocated where they should have been... and that ladies and gentlemen will be enough to sink the Liberals.

On a federal level, the Conservatives are saying that Canada has measures in place to counter the possible pandemic of swine flu. This is the same government that told us late last year (when the whole world was panicking about money) that the economy was fine and would be fine for a long time. Sure, now they’ve revised their stance and have taken action, but as with the economy, I fear that we are going to have to wait until imminent infection is upon us before the government revises its “everything will be okay, trust us okay?” stance that they’ve so far taken.

Then there's crazy Elizabeth May, whom I used to be a fan of, but now is more like a soap box carrying crazy cat-lady (no offense to cat-ladies) who preaches to whomever is willing to hear it that Harper is trying to buy votes in Quebec.

And what about "Jumping" Jack Layton? Where has my favorite sandal wearing MP been recently? I haven’t seen him on the news or read about him or his party in a long long time. Maybe he’s taking time off to grow a goatee or buy new sandals? If anyone knows I’d love to hear it.

Forget Iggy and Jack and Steve and Lizzy, I’ve got bigger fish to fry... I’m still trying to figure out what I can do to have the utterly racist book “Anglaid” removed from the shelves and banned from sales anywhere in Canada. If a book like this had been written about any other race or culture the entire country would be up in arms about it. But since it’s only about English folks in Quebec no one seems to give a damn.

Muchacho Enfermo

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Justice System is Guilty of Failing

Not a day goes by that I don’t open my local paper and read about some crazy person that assaults small children or a crazy murderer or a homeless person getting run over by a truck driver. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear the lenient judgments handed down by Canadian and Quebec Courts to child molesters and murderers...

Let me out this in perspective for you: A pediatrician in Quebec is now being paroled to a halfway house after serving the mandatory 2/3 of his 3 year sentence, he was convicted of what? Drugging and assaulting young boys that went to see him. I’m not exactly sure how many boys he was found guilty of having abused, but even if he assaulted only one, that’s one too many. The parole board and his prison councilors all agree that he probably assaulted more boys than we can ever know and that he shouldn’t be released, but it’s the law... there’s nothing we can do about it.

Or the Case of the Snowdon Attacker, this man lost it one day in the Snowdon Metro Station and attacked a 42 year old woman, putting her in a coma for months and disfiguring her, before attacking two other people and sexually assaulting a woman. He was sentenced to serve his 2 year sentence in the community. The very same community he terrorized.

There are a few things wrong with both of these stories:
1- In the case of the child molesting pediatrician... that whole thing is just wrong. Especially his sentence and his mandatory release. Serving 2 years for assaulting numerous little boys? That somehow doesn’t seem even a little bit like justice to me.
2- In the case of the Snowdon Attacker... 2 years to be served in the community? What the heck is that? Is that consolation for the woman he put in the coma and the other woman he sexually assaulted?

It seems to me that my provincial government, instead of worrying about which language I speak in the privacy of my own home, should be focusing on trying to amend the criminal code to help bring ACTUAL justice to the victims of these crimes.

As Canadians we always say we are champions of Human Rights and Civil Rights, we are great at criticizing other nations for their lacks in that department, we are great at saying that certain countries are to harsh in their prison sentences. We are also great at closing our eyes and pretending everything is fine with our justice system.

Muchacho Enfermo

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Support needed!

As I posted a while back Ashin Mettacara's blog is up at the Chapeau Blog Awards for Most Brilliant Blog. This award would give him 2000$ which in his case would be very much needed, first off, his computer is broken, second as a monk he cannot work or have wages and while his housing is provided he must pay for his food and lastly the bulk of this money would go to maintaining his sites including his news site and (a social networking site that I'd also encourage all of you to join) please help Ashin defend Human Rights and freedom of expression throughout the world.

Voting Instructions:
1- Visit:
2- Click on BECOME A VOTER
3- Fill out the form with your desired name and VALID email address
4- You must refer at least two other people in order to validate your registration.
5- Chapeau will contact you once voting begins.

Again, I encourage all of you who read and enjoy this site, that believe in freedom of press, thought, belief and expression to vote and tell others about this vote. Your voice can help thousands worldwide please show your support by signing up.

Muchacho Enfermo

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Cuba Fake News

Taken Directly from the Cuba Fake News Blog.
"Cuba Fake News is the PROYECTO DESLIZ contribution of the X Bienal de La Habana. We invite every one to be part of this project. Write your fake news about Cuba. All you need is write your fake news and send it to e-mail: proyecto desliz Then you will see your fake news on the Cuba Fake News blog. Write your fake news now and send it to us. We are waiting"

Here's a few English links from the site:
"How I Saved Cuba From Bankruptcy"
"Cuba Talent Law Ruled Impotent"
"Late Breaking News on Cubans and Cake"

So if you've got any fake news send it in!
The blog will be in my sidebar as long as it keeps being updated.

Muchacho Enfermo

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Karzai Didn't Read Rape Law

In a meeting with Afghan women, including female members of his own parliament Karzai admitted that he hadn't read the so called "Rape Law" before signing off on it. "I was not aware of what I had signed"

Awesome! That makes everything better for the women who were stoned for protesting the law, or prominent female activists that were assassinated as a result of their vocal opposition. Good job Mr Karzai, you have demonstrated exactly what a head of state should NOT do. A head of state should be able to represent the interests of his people at all times, a head of state should be aware of all new laws that he personally signs off on, he should be on top of things.

In his defense Karzai said that he would amend the law to bring it in line with international Human Rights standards, but it remains to be seen whether or not he'll really try to change it before his term is up and the August elections are called. A woman attending the meeting said: “We're not really sure if he'll keep the promise and bring the amendments, but at least he says he will. We're hopeful.”

Amazing how people can keep the faith in the face of such blatant lack of professionalism and a lack of respect for the women of his country that have endured so much hardship under previous administrations.

I challenge Mr Karzai to keep his word and amend the law; also I'd like him to make it available for public viewing prior to the August election. Women in Afghanistan and everywhere have the right to not be afraid of their husbands, the have the right to sleep soundly knowing that rape is a punishable offense, they have a right to say no, they have a right to express themselves without being stoned in the streets. In short, women have the exact same rights as the men they share this world with.

Muchacho Enfermo

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day of Rest

Traditionally in Christianity Sunday is known to be a day of rest for God. It's seems however, that this Sunday he'll be hard at work.

Today the Pope (seen here looking crazier than usual) created 5 new Saints in a canonization mass today adding to the ever growing army of over 10,000 Catholic saints. The new Saints are an "early 14th-century Sienese aristocrat Bernardo Tolomei, who died along with 82 monks of his order while helping victims of the Great Plague of 1348. Three 19th-century Italians - the priest Arcangelo Tadini and two women, Geltrude Comensoli and Caterina Volpicelli, who took vows of chastity and founded congregations of nuns - were canonized for helping the poor and their dedication to prayer." The 5th one created today was "Portugal's national hero Nuno Alvares Pereira, a medieval warrior-friar credited with securing Portugal's independence from Castile."

The other thing that God will be doing today is watching how the Ebay auction goes for his hand. A man in Idaho claims that as he was praying after losing his job, a rock wall on his property crumbled to reveal the Hand of God. He views this as a sure sign that God is in his life. So... since he lost his job and needs some money he's selling the rights to the rock.

Oh yeah, in case anyone is wondering the bidding on the Hand of God is currently at 550$ USD and the seller has 100% positive feedback in case anyone was worried that he wouldn't live up to his end of the deal.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Muchacho Enfermo

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