Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Support needed!

As I posted a while back Ashin Mettacara's blog is up at the Chapeau Blog Awards for Most Brilliant Blog. This award would give him 2000$ which in his case would be very much needed, first off, his computer is broken, second as a monk he cannot work or have wages and while his housing is provided he must pay for his food and lastly the bulk of this money would go to maintaining his sites including his news site Ashin-Mettacara.com and smilesclub.org (a social networking site that I'd also encourage all of you to join) please help Ashin defend Human Rights and freedom of expression throughout the world.

Voting Instructions:
1- Visit: http://www.chapeaublogawards.com/finalists.php
2- Click on BECOME A VOTER
3- Fill out the form with your desired name and VALID email address
4- You must refer at least two other people in order to validate your registration.
5- Chapeau will contact you once voting begins.

Again, I encourage all of you who read and enjoy this site, that believe in freedom of press, thought, belief and expression to vote and tell others about this vote. Your voice can help thousands worldwide please show your support by signing up.

Muchacho Enfermo

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