Friday, December 5, 2008

The world according to me-dec 6th 2008

Nobel peace laureate Desmond Tutu said African countries should use military force to depose Mugabe if he refuses to relinquish power. Does anyone else but me think this statement speaks volumes?

DR of Congo:
Congo finally agrees to talk to rebels about peace, they enter a cease-fire.

Ricardo Gonzalez, a Cuban reporter currently serving 20 years in jail in Havana, is named journalist of the year by Reporters without Borders. Prison can't hold your thoughts from the world.

It's time to vote on Monday and various polls show that we might be in for a third straight Provincial Liberal government. Woohoo! Take that separatists!

Economic Crisis:
The Big 3 auto-makers are still hoping to stay in business, their CEOs traded their corporate jets for Hybrid cars and the CEO of Ford announced he was cutting his salary to 1$. Too little too late guys, I feel sorry for all the fine folks employed by these companies because the Big 3 are now dinosaurs due to their lack of vision and innovation and it will cost hundreds of thousands of people their jobs.

My Street (seriously):
A middle of the night shoot-out near my house went unnoticed by everyone on my street, even my two dogs. No victims were found, no blood, just dozens of bullet casings and holes in peoples' homes. To think I moved here cause I thought it would be safe. Yay me!

that's it for now... I doubt anybody will even read this far :D
Have a good one people.

Muchacho Enfermo

Canadian Parliament Suspended, The government's on vacation!

The Governor General of Canada has granted Prime Minister Stephen Harper's request to suspend parliament until January 25th.

Closing down parliament this week will stop a coalition formed by the opposition parties from taking down the Harper government on Monday; a no confidence vote was scheduled for Monday. Harper hopes to be able to present a revamped budget to Canadians on January 27th, one that would also be acceptable to the opposition and allow him to cling to power.

What this all means people is this:
1- The opposition doesn't care about Canada, only their paycheques and they formed a coalition because Harper threatened to cut their funding.
2- Harper is a fool for trying to run a country the way he does and running away from this fight speaks volumes about his integrity.

Again, my two cents!

Muchacho Enfermo

Have you seen this girl?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

injustice for all! Another Cuban blogger summoned

I woke up again this morning to find an email in my inbox saying that another Cuban blogger had been summoned to 21 and C. Claudia Cadelo is due to appear this afternoon at 2pm at same police station and probably interrogation room where Generation Y blogger Yoani Sanchez was summoned yesterday.

Stay tuned to Black Sheep of Exile for updates on Claudia's situation.

I'd like everyone who reads it to post about it in their blog, just because she isn't famous doesn't mean she isn't a blogger like the rest of us. Raise awareness people. Give a voice to the voiceless. Thanks

Muchacho Enfermo

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Voices of Fear

I was having trouble deciding where to post this... do I post it in my personal ranting blog that no-one reads or my political commentary blog that 2 people read? Well... I decided to post it both places because I believe that this counts as a political rant.

Before you read on, I’ve been told I should keep my posts short so people read them: I’ll do the best I can.

Most of you have heard of Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez; she was summoned for “questioning” this morning at the infamous 21 and C police station in Vedado. She wasn’t in fact questioned. She was told "We want to advise you that you have transgressed all the limits of tolerance, with your proximity to elements of the counterrevolution".

Referring to a scheduled meeting, that will bring together Cuban bloggers from inside and outside Cuba, they informed her that, "The activity planned in the next few days, can not be realized". (taken from Sunrise in Havana).

Also let's not forget the arrest last summer of Porno Para Ricardo frontman Gorki Aguilar for something crazy like “the intention to commit moral crimes against the state”... It’s no secret Cuba is run by totalitarian assholes.... but sometimes it just goes too far.

Last October I was in the airport in Jardine del Rey waiting for my plane home and I had nothing to read on the flight back. I walked over to a little vending booth thing and said “what book can I buy with 10cuc?” the attendant smile and handed me a book. I gave her the money.

Once on the flight I started reading the book. It’s called “Absolved by History” and it contains a bunch of bullsh!t quotes that say that Fidel is awesome. It’s all lies folks. These quotes are not dated and for the most part the praises are given by dead people, by crazy Hollywood actors and by other dictators. I was mad at this book and today more so then ever. Let me show you a quote as it appears in the book:

“We wish everyone to know that we, Cuban writes, artists, and also dream makers, are with Fidel now and always” Cuban Intellectuals.

Do the events of Gorki and Yoani sound like the writers and artists are with Fidel? I don’t think so. Remember people, there’s hundreds of stories like theirs these are just the ones we’re lucky enough to hear. Also remember that by reading their blogs and listening to their music you're making their voices heard. And that my friend has the Cuban government running for the hills. The voices you give these people scare this government.

Muchacho Enfermo

Yoani is safe and Sound

Alright folks, Yoani is home and she has posted on the Generation Y, the spanish version, a brief outline of her encounter with my good friends at the Ministry of the Interior.
Enjoy the article folks. For my part I'm just glad she's home.

Muchacho Enfermo

More on Yoani

As posted on The Black Sheep of Exile we all need to step up and raise awareness with our local press and officials. We have to be ready to rock people, be ready to help in any way we can!
The internet has no borders and no government, together we can do anything.

Cuba asks Controversial Blogger to report to police

Havana - Yoani Sanchez, winner of many blog awards and one of Time magazine's 2008 most influential people (if I recall) has been summoned along with her husband for questioning. They are to report at a local police station this morning at 9am.

Please check:
Sunrise in Havana
Generation Y

Hopefully this is nothing to worry about, I'll keep my fingers crossed. If does end up being something though she will need the blogosphere and all her readers behind her.

Stay tuned for more...

Muchacho Enfermo

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Food shortage in Cuba means more trade with Canada

Last week the Globe and Mail reported that two weeks ago Cuba trade minister met with Stockwell Day, Canada's International Trade Minister, in order to sign deals to bolster the amount of trade between the two nations.

Today Along the Malecon sites reports from various sources that the food situation in Cuba is worsening. It also states the Havana Times announcing the purchase of various food items from Canada.

Hopefully Cuba will get what it needs at a decent price and Canada can boost its exports to a country other then the US. Because as you all know: diversity is the spice of life.

Muchacho Enfermo


Following up on yesterday's topic of a possible coalition of opposition parties overthrowing the current government in Canada...

It's looking more and more like this is going to happen. The opposition leaders have stated that they all have agreed to band together to form a government and overthrow the Conservatives.
Here's a few links to some editorials about it:
Globe and Mail
La Presse
The Gazette

You can read these or let me summarize the situation in my own words:

This all started when the conservatives decided to table a budget that would cut public(ie tax dollars) funding to political parties. The opposition parties who had been more then complacent until then decided to jump up and say "We must save Canada from this crazt government with no fiscal plan for the current economical crisis!".

Normally I would believe the opposition, hell I voted Liberal so I have to believe that they're looking out for me. But the timing is very VERY suspect. The opposition parties have been bashing each other for years. Now all of a sudden they have a common enemy? Don't get me wrong I'm not conservative by any stretch and have never voted for Harper and his band of space cadets, but had I known about these backroom deals between the Liberals the NPD and the Bloc: I NEVER WOULD HAVE VOTED LIBERAL. Bottom line. In fact I'm pretty sure that most people feel the same way.

If you want Harper to go, call an election. Don't push him out and try to make yourself defacto Prime Minister, that's not democracy. It's not how it works.

If you're in grade 3 and there's a bully at school with a big gang that pushes you around you can do two things:
1- Tell your teacher.
2- Make a bigger gang and kick his ass.

In this case they did both:
1- They told the Governor General
2- The made a bigger gang

Their gang doesn't look very coherent though, on one end of the spectrum you have the seperatist intolerant Duceppe and on the other you have the sandal wearing guitar playing Jack Layton and in the middle (and in charge) you have brilliant policy-maker not so brilliant politician Stephane Dion.

All that to say that if this goes through and the coalition takes power my belief in Canadian democracy is pretty much gone. Gone will be the days I believed that the government actually had some of the people's interest at heart, gone are the days where my vote actually meant something.

Muchacho Enfermo

Monday, December 1, 2008

Coalition Government in Canada?

Since last Friday or so a lot of people have been talking about a possible "coalition of the left" in Canada. What it basically means is that the Liberal Party of Canada, The New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois would band together and have control of the majority of seats available in canadian parliament.

Why does this matter?
Well... The Conservative Party has just recently (October 14th) been elected to it's second consecutive minority government. While I don't like the conservatives, because let's face it, I'm pro choice and I like free universal health care; I think the opposition parties are just using the current economic crisis as an excuse to overthrow a fairly elected government.

Why would I care?
Well... when I voted, I voted Liberal. I didn't vote NDP and certainly did not vote BLOC. In fact I don't even believe the Bloc should be allowed to exist at a federal level as they are a separatist party that ultimately aims at separating the country. So I care because when I voted liberal I didn't expect them to shack up with NDP hippies or BLOC intolerant @ssholes. I'm just disappointed that my beloved liberals have put their core values aside and do this.

What difference will it make?
Probably not very much difference, seriously, none of these people are good with money.

Next time?
All that to say folks... that as it stands a coalition has not yet been formed. But when it does check back here for a simplified and completely one-sided analysis of the situation!

Muchacho Enfermo

Bloggers Unite

Bloggers Unite

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My view of the world today...

1- Venezuela: As reported in the Globe and Mail Hugo Chavez is seeking indefinite re-election again. Are we surprised? No. What I am surprised at though is that given the crime rates, the inflation rates and the unemployment rates that people haven't ousted him yet. Then again I'm not expert on Venezuela. For anyone out there wanting to know a little bit more about Chavez's rise to power and his bid to keep it, see this movie: Revolucion!?

2- India: WTF is going on over there. Bombings and shooting figures differ but G&M states that there are at least 174 dead, other figures I have seen go as high 195 dead and over 350 injured. This article states that India and Pakistan are now on the brink of war. My heart goes out to the families of all those affected by these tragedies. Bloodshed over religion has to stop.

3- Cuba/Canada: Apparently Cuba has been talking to Stockwell Day about boosting trade between the two nations. Nothing new here, just figured I'd slip it in. Mostly because this is pretty much a done deal Cuba needs the food and we love our cigars and ore. But if anyone can mess this up it's Stockwell, we all remember the old seadoo incident and if you don't I'll try to find one for future refence.

3- USA: Not going there today... sorry folks, maybe next time. Rice is in Indida. Bush wants to be remembered for championing AIDS research in Africa. Obama is calling on old foes to fill key posts. Too many things to talk about for today.

4- Quebec: I'm proud to announce that the Liberals are still about 10 points ahead in the polls meaning that while they may not win a majority, the PQ will not be in office and my family won't have to wrry about threats of a referendum and seperation. So that's always a good thing.

5- Quebec: One last thing before I go to bed... Christmas is almost here and that means shopping, getting ready for family gatherings and taking the kids to see Santa. But if you're a member of the group Imperatif Francais that means a new campaign to make sure that non francophone children walk away disappointed because they're lobying to have "French Only" Santa's in shopping malls. They're also strongly encouraging shoppers to complain immediately to store managers if they happen to hear an english christmas carrol.

-I'll be posting about a possible coalition of opposition parties in Canada to move the current Conservative government off the Hill and into the wings.

Later both on here and on The Voice of Muchacho Enfermo:
-With the holiday season around the corner it's time for christmas shopping and for me that means sending goods to friends all over Canada; but also sending goods to friends in Cuba. I'll have a quick walkthrough of methods I've used and services available to garantee delivery. yay?

Muchacho Enfermo