Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Canada...the most racist country in the world.”

Brandon Huntley, a white South African was granted refugee status in Canada after he claimed that he was attacked 6 or 7 times and that he could not find employment because of the color of his skin. South Africa's white population is about 10% of the overall population while whites hold about 60% of hugh paid executive jobs in the country.

I'm not going to discuss the refugee board ruling because I don't know enough details to be able make a good and fair analysis, but what I will comment on is the backlash from South Africa calling Canada racist.

South Africa's ANC (Nelson Mandela's party) said “Canada's reasoning for granting Huntley a refugee status can only serve to perpetuate racism.” Local papers called the ruling “shocking and saddening" and added "the truth is that the overwhelming majority of crime victims in this country are black and many of the perpetrators are white." Locals even went as far as to say: “I will never set my foot in Canada, it's officially the most racist country in the world.”

Now while some may not agree with the ruling, I can't believe people see this ruling as being racist. It is neither pro-white or pro-black. It is pro-civil-liberty. To me this just means that anyone from anywhere regardless of color can get a shot at being protected in Canada. If a black South African came and claimed refugee status and it was granted, no one in South Africa would care... But because it's a white man all of a sudden Canada is the most racist country in the world? Please, STFU and open your eyes!

Canada is a haven for anyone who feels they are persecuted, treated unfairly and need a place to start over, to find the safety they were lacking back home. I hope that this ruling stands and that it is not overturned because of some overzealous reporters in South Africa that see this as their next meal ticket.

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Charlie Bravo said...

It's like here in the States. Not agreeing with B'rak Hussein, and seeing it for what he is -proof is in his actions and in his parallel goverment of the "Czars"- makes you automatically into a "racist".

Anonymous said...

Hi -as a white South African i can tell you that SA is the most racist country in the world. My children born after the new democracy are discriminated against on their race. No chance for scholarships, they need much higher marks to get into uni than black students for the same course. Out of 100 applicantsfor a job as an employer by law 86 of those I employ must be black . So jobs become almost an impossiblity for whites. (BEE and AA) unless they have contacts or are have exceptional skills.
As a small business everyday i see my bank offer (on placards) -good deals for BLACK business .Unyet I have repeatedly heard that blacks cannot be racist .Only whites! If I as a white speak out -Im am a racist ! if the world questions Caster -its because they are racists! if a SAfrican gets asylum its because Canada is racist .Welcome Canada to the club!

home staging said...

Exactly. I really don't see how Canada is racist just because of granting refugee status to a man from SA. The decision itself had nothing to do with the color of his skin in this case.


Anonymous said...

My family migrated to Canada about seven years ago. My parents had to face a few hardships since they were new to this environment, but they seem happy now. There is some discrimination here but I'm sure its not as bad as the rest of the world; for example Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

obviously the writer in question is a white male, most likely of british decent.

as a citizen of canada, living in the most multicultural part of canada, i can personally vouch that CANADA IS RACIST. if you dont think so, its because u r an ignorant racist as well

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Holy smokes, I didn't expect a comment on such an old entry. As for the white male with a british accent... well that's kind of lumping me into a category isn't it?

In many of my previous posts I often mention the fact that I'm a French Canadian, so you got me on the white but definitely not on the british part.

Although you're entitled to your opinion, I don't see how calling me an ignorant racist furthers your point that Canada is a racist country...

Anonymous said...

Canada is very racist. I am south asian and assimilated but as a teacher white kids want to be taught by white teachers. These kids don't know the basics and blame it on the teacher. Also, the chinease kids parents think they are white and want to be taught by white people