Thursday, April 23, 2009

Enough is Enough...

Today is the day… It’s the day that I can definitely say that I’ve given up hope on my people. The Québécois have gone off the rails in a new linguistic spat that just makes me want to hurl my Tim Horton’s coffee at my screen.

Author and Editor Michel Brûlé has published a book called « Anglaid » which for those of you who don’t speak French is a pun on the words ANGLAIS (English) and LAID (ugly). The free daily paper The Metro published on the 21st of April an interview with him that the Defense Association of Anglophone Quebec had the courtesy to translate into English for your reading pleasure. Here’s a few excerpts along with my thoughts.

Q: We sense anger in your book.
A: “Yes, for sure. First of all, English is not a beautiful language. Intolerance and all the movements -the most extremist, racist and segregationist, is the KKK, White Power and the expression “speak white” They are all English things. They come from the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. There are none more racist than the English.”

Q: What reaction are you waiting for from the public?
“I did a lot of research work for this book. I hope it becomes essential. I believe my book should be taught in the schools…”

Q: Do you have English friends?
A: “That has no link (connection). We all have an individual personality and another collective one. If I said the Americans were a bunch of big (slang), obese, imbecilic, ignorant, uncultured, it’s the truth. But it’s sure and certain that of 303 million Americans there is about 50 million who are not like that. But collectively they are still a bunch of uncultured imbeciles...”

On to my comments (and hopefully yours)…
-No one is more racist than the English…
What about your book asshole? Isn’t that kind of really racist? Isn’t that kind of a double standard? How many hateful English people do you know? And who asked for your opinion anyways?
-You did a lot of research for this book…
Where? In a Cracker Jack box? By talking to grade 4 drop outs (no offense meant to grade 3 or 5 dropouts)?
-You want this book taught in schools…
Even the English schools? Or do you want those to be closed as well and rob the 700,000 Englsh-Quebeckers of their education rights as well?
- But collectively they are still a bunch of uncultured imbeciles…
I’m pretty sure you got that backwards; it seem that people like you that are the uncultured imbeciles.

So in conclusion Michel and his merry band of idiots can all get on a plane back to France if they hate the rest of North America and its inhabitants. Sir, YOU are the reason that PEOPLE LIKE ME have a bad reputation abroad and I seriously wish we had laws to shut people like you up. Oh wait… we do, please check the criminal code of Canada sections 319(2) and 319(7).

If you’d like to voice your outrage Michel Brûlé can be reached at:
Or by phone :

Muchacho Enfermo

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Garrincha said...

french asshole, the worst kind.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Most people would consider ME a french asshole... but this guy takes the cake. It just makes my blood boil... a lot!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Deevaan said...

i do not think that any "race" or "language" has exlusive rights over racism. It is the most common form of discrimination and found in all cultures. Having lived in the west, and having experienced racism, first hand, it did strike me strange that this behaviour existed but the learning was that it was my fault that i pre-judged western societies to be more open. I have interacted with East and South Asian cultures & western democracies; i have found no place immune from his. thank you though for sharing this. Like your passion

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Deevan, I completely agree, no one culture owns the exclusive dominion over racism.

I've experience it here, in the different provinces I've lived in.
I also have to add that a lot of intolerance comes from fear of the unknown and more time you take to get to know people and cultures the less likely it is you'll end up hating them in the end (according to me anyways)...

Fear often leads to hate (as Yoda once very accurately pointed out)...

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment anytime!

Hugo Shebbeare said...

Yeah, discrimination is everywhere - just that here, if you are labelled as an Anglo, it's open season to cleanse you from QC - I elaborate here:

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Where do I sign...
that was bloody brilliant and I couldn't have said it better myself.

I remember moving back here from Toronto as a kid and bill 101 forced me into french school where the kids treated me like a "tête carré" for having english friends... Hatred and intolerance handed down from generation to generation.

I love your letter. Seriously. Keep up the good fight and if you ever need any support you can always turn to my blog.

Anonymous said...

ese tipo es un estupido, no hay cosa que mas mal me caiga que rasismo, que si el color, que si el idioma, que si los paises, que si la religion que cansada me tiene todo esto,,,

Muchacho Enfermo said...

You're right Wendy.. there's nothing more stupid than racism and intolerance. I'm tired of all this crap as well... really tired.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you use the term "Quebecers" when you speak about Michel Brule. I am a "french frog", as you could say, and I really don't consider I have ANYTHING in common with this type of guy.

If you read french, I suggest you surf the Internet and see that MOST quebecers disagree with him.

Sure, there is a few fascists, but most of us are more tolerant.

For your information, I am for the independance of Quebec, but I don't need to hate anglophones for that.

I do not vote for "Parti Quebecois", I vote for "Quebec Solidaire", wich is more socialist.

Thank you for your attention and PLEASE, PLEASE, don't think that Quebecers are like Michel Brule, Pierre Falardeau or other paronoiacs of this kind.

Have a nice day

Muchacho Enfermo said...

@ Anonymous

I really appreciate the comment and believe me I know that most Qubeckers aren't like Brûlé, I myself am French-Canadian and have been living in Montreal since 1994.

I'm not saying that nationalists are all racist or hate the English. I only speak from first hand knowledge of what I've experienced here and what I've seen here.

Mais je comprends ce que tu veux dire en me disant d'aller lire d'autres site en français. Je ne veux pas peindre au portait du Québec qui n'est pas un portrait véritable. Mais quand je vois de gars comme Brûlé ça me fais royalement chier! Je suis certain que tu comprends ce que veux dire.

Encore une fois, merci pour ton commentaire.