Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why my Province hates me... (part 1)

With a provincial election just around the corner the talk always seems to come back to this in Quebec: Seperatists VS Federalists. It`s always a heated debate that I usually win (being a staunch federalist) but leaves me with a sick feeling to my stomach knowing that the place I know and love wants to get rid of me and my friends.

Here`s a few quote and projects from the separatist side of the electoral race:

“Quebec should have total control over immigration to make it clear to newcomers that the
province is a francophone state, not a bilingual one. When you live in Quebec you live in French."
Pauline Marois, leader of Parti Quebecois.

"Bilingualism is a sign of progress in the rest of Canada. But I don’t want bilingualism in Quebec."
Gilles Duceppe.

Jeanne Sauve, former governor general-1987-"English Canadians have nothing to offer us but their stupid mediocrity".
" Everything that weakens and humiliates Canada must cause us to rejoice".

What pisses me off about all this is that I am french canadian born and raised and I've always been proud of my culture. But seeing people like the PQ and Bloc Quebecois leaders saying things like this makes me incredibly ashamed. It's like the good old Bill 195 that the PQ tried to push through parliament last year stating that everyone in Quebec, before being allowed to vote or run for public office, would have to pass a french language test. If they didn't know sufficient french kiss your vote goodbye. What the hell people.... I'll be posting more about these people in the very near future, mark my words.

Muchacho Enfermo

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