Friday, December 5, 2008

The world according to me-dec 6th 2008

Nobel peace laureate Desmond Tutu said African countries should use military force to depose Mugabe if he refuses to relinquish power. Does anyone else but me think this statement speaks volumes?

DR of Congo:
Congo finally agrees to talk to rebels about peace, they enter a cease-fire.

Ricardo Gonzalez, a Cuban reporter currently serving 20 years in jail in Havana, is named journalist of the year by Reporters without Borders. Prison can't hold your thoughts from the world.

It's time to vote on Monday and various polls show that we might be in for a third straight Provincial Liberal government. Woohoo! Take that separatists!

Economic Crisis:
The Big 3 auto-makers are still hoping to stay in business, their CEOs traded their corporate jets for Hybrid cars and the CEO of Ford announced he was cutting his salary to 1$. Too little too late guys, I feel sorry for all the fine folks employed by these companies because the Big 3 are now dinosaurs due to their lack of vision and innovation and it will cost hundreds of thousands of people their jobs.

My Street (seriously):
A middle of the night shoot-out near my house went unnoticed by everyone on my street, even my two dogs. No victims were found, no blood, just dozens of bullet casings and holes in peoples' homes. To think I moved here cause I thought it would be safe. Yay me!

that's it for now... I doubt anybody will even read this far :D
Have a good one people.

Muchacho Enfermo

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