Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Voices of Fear

I was having trouble deciding where to post this... do I post it in my personal ranting blog that no-one reads or my political commentary blog that 2 people read? Well... I decided to post it both places because I believe that this counts as a political rant.

Before you read on, I’ve been told I should keep my posts short so people read them: I’ll do the best I can.

Most of you have heard of Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez; she was summoned for “questioning” this morning at the infamous 21 and C police station in Vedado. She wasn’t in fact questioned. She was told "We want to advise you that you have transgressed all the limits of tolerance, with your proximity to elements of the counterrevolution".

Referring to a scheduled meeting, that will bring together Cuban bloggers from inside and outside Cuba, they informed her that, "The activity planned in the next few days, can not be realized". (taken from Sunrise in Havana).

Also let's not forget the arrest last summer of Porno Para Ricardo frontman Gorki Aguilar for something crazy like “the intention to commit moral crimes against the state”... It’s no secret Cuba is run by totalitarian assholes.... but sometimes it just goes too far.

Last October I was in the airport in Jardine del Rey waiting for my plane home and I had nothing to read on the flight back. I walked over to a little vending booth thing and said “what book can I buy with 10cuc?” the attendant smile and handed me a book. I gave her the money.

Once on the flight I started reading the book. It’s called “Absolved by History” and it contains a bunch of bullsh!t quotes that say that Fidel is awesome. It’s all lies folks. These quotes are not dated and for the most part the praises are given by dead people, by crazy Hollywood actors and by other dictators. I was mad at this book and today more so then ever. Let me show you a quote as it appears in the book:

“We wish everyone to know that we, Cuban writes, artists, and also dream makers, are with Fidel now and always” Cuban Intellectuals.

Do the events of Gorki and Yoani sound like the writers and artists are with Fidel? I don’t think so. Remember people, there’s hundreds of stories like theirs these are just the ones we’re lucky enough to hear. Also remember that by reading their blogs and listening to their music you're making their voices heard. And that my friend has the Cuban government running for the hills. The voices you give these people scare this government.

Muchacho Enfermo

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