Sunday, November 30, 2008

My view of the world today...

1- Venezuela: As reported in the Globe and Mail Hugo Chavez is seeking indefinite re-election again. Are we surprised? No. What I am surprised at though is that given the crime rates, the inflation rates and the unemployment rates that people haven't ousted him yet. Then again I'm not expert on Venezuela. For anyone out there wanting to know a little bit more about Chavez's rise to power and his bid to keep it, see this movie: Revolucion!?

2- India: WTF is going on over there. Bombings and shooting figures differ but G&M states that there are at least 174 dead, other figures I have seen go as high 195 dead and over 350 injured. This article states that India and Pakistan are now on the brink of war. My heart goes out to the families of all those affected by these tragedies. Bloodshed over religion has to stop.

3- Cuba/Canada: Apparently Cuba has been talking to Stockwell Day about boosting trade between the two nations. Nothing new here, just figured I'd slip it in. Mostly because this is pretty much a done deal Cuba needs the food and we love our cigars and ore. But if anyone can mess this up it's Stockwell, we all remember the old seadoo incident and if you don't I'll try to find one for future refence.

3- USA: Not going there today... sorry folks, maybe next time. Rice is in Indida. Bush wants to be remembered for championing AIDS research in Africa. Obama is calling on old foes to fill key posts. Too many things to talk about for today.

4- Quebec: I'm proud to announce that the Liberals are still about 10 points ahead in the polls meaning that while they may not win a majority, the PQ will not be in office and my family won't have to wrry about threats of a referendum and seperation. So that's always a good thing.

5- Quebec: One last thing before I go to bed... Christmas is almost here and that means shopping, getting ready for family gatherings and taking the kids to see Santa. But if you're a member of the group Imperatif Francais that means a new campaign to make sure that non francophone children walk away disappointed because they're lobying to have "French Only" Santa's in shopping malls. They're also strongly encouraging shoppers to complain immediately to store managers if they happen to hear an english christmas carrol.

-I'll be posting about a possible coalition of opposition parties in Canada to move the current Conservative government off the Hill and into the wings.

Later both on here and on The Voice of Muchacho Enfermo:
-With the holiday season around the corner it's time for christmas shopping and for me that means sending goods to friends all over Canada; but also sending goods to friends in Cuba. I'll have a quick walkthrough of methods I've used and services available to garantee delivery. yay?

Muchacho Enfermo


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Well hello. I had never seen you blog before. I will definitely add you to my blog list. Very nice to meet you :)

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Thank you for reading AND commenting!
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