Monday, December 1, 2008

Coalition Government in Canada?

Since last Friday or so a lot of people have been talking about a possible "coalition of the left" in Canada. What it basically means is that the Liberal Party of Canada, The New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois would band together and have control of the majority of seats available in canadian parliament.

Why does this matter?
Well... The Conservative Party has just recently (October 14th) been elected to it's second consecutive minority government. While I don't like the conservatives, because let's face it, I'm pro choice and I like free universal health care; I think the opposition parties are just using the current economic crisis as an excuse to overthrow a fairly elected government.

Why would I care?
Well... when I voted, I voted Liberal. I didn't vote NDP and certainly did not vote BLOC. In fact I don't even believe the Bloc should be allowed to exist at a federal level as they are a separatist party that ultimately aims at separating the country. So I care because when I voted liberal I didn't expect them to shack up with NDP hippies or BLOC intolerant @ssholes. I'm just disappointed that my beloved liberals have put their core values aside and do this.

What difference will it make?
Probably not very much difference, seriously, none of these people are good with money.

Next time?
All that to say folks... that as it stands a coalition has not yet been formed. But when it does check back here for a simplified and completely one-sided analysis of the situation!

Muchacho Enfermo

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