Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Following up on yesterday's topic of a possible coalition of opposition parties overthrowing the current government in Canada...

It's looking more and more like this is going to happen. The opposition leaders have stated that they all have agreed to band together to form a government and overthrow the Conservatives.
Here's a few links to some editorials about it:
Globe and Mail
La Presse
The Gazette

You can read these or let me summarize the situation in my own words:

This all started when the conservatives decided to table a budget that would cut public(ie tax dollars) funding to political parties. The opposition parties who had been more then complacent until then decided to jump up and say "We must save Canada from this crazt government with no fiscal plan for the current economical crisis!".

Normally I would believe the opposition, hell I voted Liberal so I have to believe that they're looking out for me. But the timing is very VERY suspect. The opposition parties have been bashing each other for years. Now all of a sudden they have a common enemy? Don't get me wrong I'm not conservative by any stretch and have never voted for Harper and his band of space cadets, but had I known about these backroom deals between the Liberals the NPD and the Bloc: I NEVER WOULD HAVE VOTED LIBERAL. Bottom line. In fact I'm pretty sure that most people feel the same way.

If you want Harper to go, call an election. Don't push him out and try to make yourself defacto Prime Minister, that's not democracy. It's not how it works.

If you're in grade 3 and there's a bully at school with a big gang that pushes you around you can do two things:
1- Tell your teacher.
2- Make a bigger gang and kick his ass.

In this case they did both:
1- They told the Governor General
2- The made a bigger gang

Their gang doesn't look very coherent though, on one end of the spectrum you have the seperatist intolerant Duceppe and on the other you have the sandal wearing guitar playing Jack Layton and in the middle (and in charge) you have brilliant policy-maker not so brilliant politician Stephane Dion.

All that to say that if this goes through and the coalition takes power my belief in Canadian democracy is pretty much gone. Gone will be the days I believed that the government actually had some of the people's interest at heart, gone are the days where my vote actually meant something.

Muchacho Enfermo

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