Friday, January 23, 2009

Everybody wins!

When I was a kid I played soccer. My team was bad... I mean horrible. No matter how many goals we lost by at the end of the game the coaches and refs would say that we had all won. Everyone was a winner!

Now look at Israel pulling out of Gaza...
Israel says: We won!
Hamas says: We won!

Which just goes to prove my point: Watching this stuff play out in the middle east is like watching a children’s sporting event where everyone gets a trophy. Hamas can’t possibly say that they won because Gaza City looks like Nuremberg did after the Allies bombed it. Hamas is like those idiot coaches who tried to make us feel good for being mediocre. Over 1000 dead, a crumbling city and leaders in hiding for over two weeks? You can hardly call that a victory by anybody’s standards.

Israel can’t really say it won, even though it’s clear they inflicted the most damage. You just can’t win against people like Hamas. They’re willing to sacrifice their on people to launch 30 rockets a day at Israel and inflict exactly ZERO casualties. Israel is not the winner in this conflict, all it did by pulling out is to play into Hamas’ hand. Hamas knew international pressure on Israel to pull out would grow and that one day Israel couldn’t ignore it anymore. So they waited in bunkers and planned their victory speeches...

Watching this is sad, watching the Hamas soldiers walking around Gaza giving people money because they lost their homes and their loved ones. How much money? One source stated that he received a few thousand dollars after he lost his house and his business to Israeli bombs. A couple of thousand dollars? Wow... I could walk to an ABM and cash advance that on my credit card right now. Good job on taking care of the people you’re supposed to be defending Hamas.

All that to say that this twisted little interpretation of victory only goes to show the world how far in left field both sides of this conflict actually are.

Muchacho Enfermo

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