Tuesday, January 20, 2009

9 year old raped, court rules no punishment for attackers

This is an old story, this dates back to early October before I started this blog. It was brought back to my attention this morning when I received an email from a friend asking me to sign a petition that called for stronger penalties for youths who commit violent crimes.

Before I tell if I signed or not... how about I tell you all the story (here it is in French as originally reported in La Presse de Montreal)in English:

In the suburbs just north of Montreal in a quiet upper middle class neighborhood, a little boy (we'll call him Eric, who is 11, invited Lea who is 9 to lunch at his house not far from their school. Another (we'll call him Louis)9 year old boy followed them to Eric's house. Eric's parents weren't home. Eric asked Lea to strip. When she said no he hit her with a chain. After she had stripped Eric instructed to younger boy to touch her with his hands, to insert them in parts of her body and how to do it. As if this wasn't enough Eric chained her feet together and inserted a vibrator in her anus, scarring the girl physically by the force of the thrust.
The youth courts (which are supposed to protect all youths) here in Quebec have ruled that since the boys weren't even 12 yet they couldn't be tried as minors and would face no consequence. Even though both children admit their actions and the older of the two boys even brags openly about having raped the girl.

As much as I hate to say this... I think both these boys should be tried as at least juveniles. I also think that Eric's parents should be up on trial for raising such a messed up child and for not limiting his access to sex toys... I mean seriously...
What kind of abuse must that poor boy have suffered or witnessed to want to inflict that kind of pain on someone else? Some will say you can't blame the parents but I don't really care what you say: I'm blaming them. Some will say you can't blame the kid he's only 12... but really? he lured a girl into his house, tied her up and abused her, it's clear to me that if he was ready with a vibrator and chains that he knew what he was doing. He knew he'd have to tie her up because she wouldn't like whatever he was going to do and he already had a plan!!! The only thing this 12 year old was ignorant about was the consequences of his actions. But surprise surprise our justice system strikes again and there are NO consequences whatsoever! Welcome to Quebec.

Muchacho Enfermo


The Socialist said...

I am with you on this! Where is this petition? 3 groups need to pay for this crime. Ship the kids to a youth detention, charge the parents with negligence and the government should punish itself for allowing crimes like this to happen and go unpunished!

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Hello! thanks for stopping by!
You are completely right about the 3 punishments... I am not a fan of our justice system... not even a little bit.

The petition, sadly, is an email petition that I can't forward to you because I don't have your address. I was started by someone I know that lives near where this girl was assaulted.

Anonymous said...

Canadian justice system and it's lackadaisical affairs. This is a travesty!

I agree with you. Hold the parents responsible, punish the kids. As left wing as my world view is, the justice system needs to employ stricter punishment and an effective rehabilitation for youth crimes.

This is sickening.