Friday, January 23, 2009

An award from ~Zurama~

In the comments section of my last post fellow blogger ~Zurama~ has decided that she was giving an award.

What I love about this award is that it's something that was given freely, without voting, without politics... it's a great gesture and one that means a lot to me!

Thanks Zurama for reading my blog and for thinking it's deserving of an award!

As it goes with these awards, I'll pay it forward, so without further delay here are the blogs I want to give this award to as well:

A Reluctant Mind
The Nexus of Assholery
Desde Aqui
Sunrise in Havana

Thanks again Zurama!
And to everyone else don't forget to pay it forward!

Muchacho Enfermo


~Zurama~ said...

Well thank you Muchacho. :)

Tazeen said...

i am sorry i missed this.
Thanks a lot for the notable mention.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

No worries Tazeen!
It's extremely well deserved on your part!