Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogfather update December 17th

Andisheh reported this morning that Hossein Derakhshan was arrested in his family residence by 6 plain clothed officers, his equipment taken away and he is being held at Branch 1 of the Revolutionary court, he hasn't been charged but he is accused of insulting religion.

Reading this has raised a few questions for me:
1- Why are the reports of the accusations against him different?
2- When his family was interviewed the Associated Press they claimed to have not seen him in a month, but never mentioned he was arrested in their home.

Until I find a more reliable source I'll keep looking through Persian blogs and news agencies to keep you all posted.

Muchacho Enfermo


Anonymous said...

the reason for the questions you are raising is the lack of information we (and you) have been given. he is accused for insulting religion.

2-the family had been warned to not to reveal all about this to the press.

this is the informatioin we have and is according to it.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Thank you! I really appreciate you coming and giving me the information!