Saturday, August 1, 2009

A New Blog

So yeah... Today in an chat with some friends, we decided to start a blog.
The new blog is called Serxy Druck Hero. Don't ask... If you want to know why just click HERE and check it out.

The authors of this blog will be Deya:) from aRRoz Con Punk and Wendy who up until this afternoon didn't have one yet.

Anyways, three different people, living in three different countries, writing about whatever the hell they want will be a welcome change from the seriousness of this blog. So please check it out, we'll be glad to have you reading and commenting!

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Tatiana said...

I like the new blog. I do not like the spelling mistakes of Wendy even though I like her writing. Good Luck!!!

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Thanks for the comment :D
I'm glad you actually checked out and took the time to comment on it.
As for Wendy's spelling... well grammar isn't my strong suit either it's the content that counts no the container right? :D
I promise I'll tell her to be more careful in the future ;)

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Oh yeah I forgot to add... this whole blog actually started BECAUSE the three of us couldn't spell... that's what gives it its charm :D

Tatiana said...

Well, that explains everything :).

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Either way... thanks for reading this blog and the other one. It's really great to know that people care enough about my little corners of cyberspace to actually comment!