Friday, July 3, 2009


In this world of wikipedia and endless dictionaries where everything seems to have a definition, everyone seems to have some sort of pre-determined purpose and everything fits nicely into place; one needs to ask him/herself “how do I define myself?”

This question is an age old question that is much easier to answer than the “what is the meaning of life?” (which we all know the answer to be: 42)

Let’s start from the very big and go down to the very small…

How do you define humanity? Can it be defined by its actions as a whole? Or by its general beliefs? If so we’re in trouble because as a whole humanity stinks… Through history we’ve raped, massacred, exterminated and killed our planet.

How does one define a race? Is it by color or by birthplace? Is it through the endless stereotypes?

How does one define a country? Is it by its government that is supposed to represent the people? You can’t do that either because not all governments are elected. Do you define a nation by its borders or by the ethnicity of its citizens?

And very last: how does one define himself? Is it through the clothes on your back, the money in your bank account, in the things you own, in the job you have, in the company you keep? All of these answers apply to all of us at different stages in our lives. The true answer however, is the one that is much harder to find.

The real answer to all of these questions is beautifully complex: The only definition that is true is the one you give yourself. You and only you can determine who you are. If every citizen of the world was truly self-aware and self-defined we wouldn’t have to define things like ethnicity, nations and humanity. In a very real way if we truly defined ourselves as human beings and citizens of the world, borders, color, money, birthplace and religion would no longer matter.

So while the rest of the world wants to define, quantify and qualify you, as well as all the things around you; try really hard to define yourself and your world on your own terms. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful a place this world can be if you find the right definition.

Muchacho Enfermo

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