Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Canada has too many immigrants"

In a poll today published on CTV.CA we saw all sorts of things that I found either disturbing or disappointing or both.

For example 81% of people think that "Canada's diversity is an important strength of our country." BUT 91% of respondents said that "When immigrants come to Canada they should adapt to Canadian customs and values." What does that have to do with diversity? Does that mean we want everyone to be the same except maybe not white?

52 per cent thought "Canada has too many immigrants and we should limit the number who come to Canada." As opposed to our diversity being an important strength? I really want someone to clear this crap up for me, PLEASE!

As far as I'm concerned this poll is yet another in a long list of polls that display our uniquely hypocritical closet style of thinking. How can you celebrate diversity and then say that these diverse people should be just like everyone else or better yet: there's too many of these diverse immigrants, turn 'em all away, stop 'em from coming in and send 'em home... But we love diversity, really.

Muchacho Enfermo

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