Thursday, June 4, 2009

Punishment from the US and the UN?

So I'm going to go ahead and miss the boat on this one and I'm going to post something completely off-topic, well maybe a little bit off-topic... you be the judge

I was reading this article this morning: 2 U.S. journalists on trial in North Korea from the Associated Press. While reading the article and thinking of how to post about it, a sentence really jumped out at me and made me veer off the topic of the sad story of these two journalists. First here's the sentence:
"As discussions continued at the United Nations and in Washington on how to punish the regime for its defiance..."

Wow... the US and the UN are trying to find a way to punish North-Korea for its defiance? It's really easy for the UN and for the US to try and tell a small essentially bankrupt nation what to do isn't it? And when they don't listen the world gets all upset and scolds that country the way you would scold a 4 year old for drawing on the walls of your kitchen.

But when a big country like China jails people for supporting Tibet before the Olympics or bans hotmail or jails local journalists for having opinions the UN and the US would never EVER dream of imposing sanctions or punishment on them... I wonder why?

Or when a small country close to them like Cuba has political prisoners and more jailed journalists per capita than any other place on earth (according to Reporters without Borders) all they do is keep the embargo and don't demand anything else.

Or when in Burma bloggers are jailed for 58 years and the opposition leader awaits trial in her hospital room because an American swam to her home/prison thus forcing her to violate the terms of her house arrest; no one says anything.

So what makes North-Korea so damned special? Why does anyone care? Oh yeah: nukes! They've threatened to attack the US... that's what makes them special. That's what warrants the UN's attention. Threatening the world largest and most powerful military (that could probably destroy NK in like 17 1/2 minutes) is definitely something that is infinitely more important than the defense of the innocent people that live in these countries that are jailed, tortured and starved on a daily basis for being different.

Not that they'll listen to me but here's my message to the UN: If you want to be taken seriously start taking action and demanding justice for ALL innocents jailed and tortured and living under repressive regimes that ignore Human Rights. And please PLEASE kick China and Cuba off your Human Rights Council. Seriously it's just shameful that they're there...

Muchacho Enfermo

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