Wednesday, June 3, 2009

17 Drunk Driving Convictions and Still Driving.

Actually it's 18 drunk driving convictions now and a total of 114 convictions for Roger Walsh, a repeat (and repeat and repeat) offender who has pleaded guilty in Québec court of hit and run causing death, impaired driving causing death and violating a court order from a previous conviction that barred him from drinking.

This is after he was driving (drunk of course) and hit a girl in a wheelchair killing her instantly. The only reason he even stopped his car is because it went off the road, 8 kilometers later.

The prosecution is now seeking a dangerous offender status for Walsh, stating that if he can't respond to therapy and other court imposed sentences than the courts have to protect the public from this reckless and moronic man. (I added in that last part, but you get the point)

I have no problem with the courts labeling him a dangerous offender. My problems lies with the way the courts handled his previous 17 drunk driving convictions. His latest sentence was that he was barred from drinking. Whoopty-doo... Good job boys, I love seeing my tax dollars at work that way. Whatever happened to tough love? Couldn't you stop him from driving or owning a car? Couldn't you slap an ankle bracelet on him? Couldn't you lock him up for a long long time? Oh yeah I forget this is Canada... More so it's Québec.

We're so lenient with our sentences and our jail time that it makes my stomach turn. While this guy is driving on the road and killing handicapped children, the police seems more concerned with giving me a 48 hour notice for my burnt out brake light than making sure idiots like this aren't anywhere near the road.

So to the courts, the police and the politicians and all those bureaucrats behind the scenes: do your job, keep maniacs like this off the road and stop them from killing our children. Then maybe, just maybe I'll fix my brake light, file my income tax and stop threatening to call my lawyer everytime I get pulled over.

Muchacho Enfermo

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Patrick Ross said...

The Canadian Justice System has that poor girl's blood on its hands.

It's time for graduated sentences for impaired drivers -- first conviction nets a five-year loss of license, second conviction nets jail time and a permanent loss of license, and third conviction is life in prison.

You know in Chile they just shoot them in the head on the spot.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

I like the way you think my friend... This whole system NEEDS to be re-worked. I don't care which party does it, but whoever does they'll get my vote. (Except the Marxist-Leninist party or the communist party, they'll never get my vote)