Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pack it up, we leave Afghanistan today!

It was reported yesterday, from news sources all over the world that Afghan President Hamid Karzai is rumored to have signed a law that would not only diminish women's rights in Afghanistan, it would outright throw them out the window. This new law (Article 132) states that "women must obey their husband’s sexual demands and that a man can expect to have sex with his wife at least ‘once every four nights’ when traveling, unless they are ill." It also prohibits women from going to the doctor or leaving their home without their husband's protection.It is also rumored to grant custody of children only to fathers or grandfathers.

Shinkai Karokhail (a female Afghan MP): "It is one of the worst bills passed by the parliament this century."

Senator Humaira Namati (Afghanistan): "Worse than during the Taliban". "Anyone who spoke out was accused of being against Islam."

Hilary Clinton: "This is an area of absolute concern for the United States.My message is very clear. Women's rights are a central part of the foreign policy of the Obama administration."

Stockwell Day: "The onus is upon the government of Afghanistan to live up to its human-rights responsibilities, absolutely including the rights of women. If there is any wavering on this point … this will create serious difficulties, serious problems for the government of Canada."

Unifem (U.N): "Article 132 legalizes the rape of a wife by her husband."

The current Afghan administration actually had the balls to claim that this law protected women, who according to them, are weaker than men. Hamid Karzai declined to comment. It is widely speculated that signing this law is a move to garner votes from Afghan fundamentalists for the upcoming August elections.

If this law proves to be an actual law I firmly believe that Canada should lead the way in leaving Afghanistan. I would love to say that we should stay until our 2011 deadline and try to sway the Afghan government, but it's clear that NATO's influence in this country has not done very much good if the Afghan parliament still passes such backwards legislation as this one. How can one put his political career before the rights of millions of citizens?

We (Canada) should not be defending a government that does not do its best to protect its citizens. We should not support an administration that violates the rights of women. We should make our discontent and anger known. Canada, as a country known for its peacekeeping and for being a champion for Human Rights, should not be associated in any way in propping up this government that has clearly failed to live up to our, and the world's, expectations.

I don't want to see anymore Canadian men and women brought back home in coffins for a country that legalizes rape and violates Human Rights. Afghanistan, consider this your ultimatum.

sources for quotes:
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Muchacho Enfermo

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Usha said...

This can't be happening..I give up on these guys man..

Muchacho Enfermo said...

You said it Usha... I just don't see an easy way out of this one!

Adaugeo Index said...
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Adaugeo Index said...

This actually shows a lot of progress in Afghanistan if we really think it through.

I know it sounds odd...but see why this does show true progress there:

machinepolitick said...

I'm sorry to see this happen, but not surprised. I keep trying to give Muslims the benefit of the doubt, and things like this continue to happen. A woman was recently beheaded in the US because she wanted a divorce. What kind of religion teaches these things?
I know there are good people of Muslim faith being brought down by these actions. That is the worst thing about it.
It has long been time to pull out of these countries and let them fend for themselves. It would be better to spend the effort and money on human rights reforms than on propping up this kind of government.

Anonymous said...

Islam is the most draconian religion ever! It lets a man marry more than one wife. Ha! It allows pedophile behavior. Ur gr8 prophet was one! And how did ISlam spread. Through war. Didnt Prophet beheaded men during his early wars? Even if I am wrong. Prove me wrong by taking moderate muslims to road to protest against this. When Muslim community will stand up only then this menance will stop. Why have we not heard any fatwa against these men? Religion is a belief. It should be followed to guide us spiritually. It should not be decision maker in every walk of life, from shitting to fucking!!! Any country that follows religion beyond stretch is regressive. And thats why no Muslim country is too ahead! How can ppl follow a book for every day activity in 21st century, a book which was written what 1300-1500 yrs ago?

Muchacho Enfermo said...

@Anonymous: I honestly don't think that Islam is more draconian than any other religion, not in the least. I think every religion seeks to give its followers guidelines by which they should live. As for not hearing about protests against these men... you haven't heard it because it doesn't make for sensational headlines here. But women of Islam are speaking out, men of Islam are speaking out, in their own countries, in their own papers and in their own blogs.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

@machinepolitick: no religion teaches the beheading of women. None. Not Islam, not anyone. I am very close with many Muslims and their families, people that go to mosque and are practicing, and I've had nothing but positive experiences with them. And you are right, the few bad apples makes everyone else look rotten...

As for pulling out, I totally agree.
It would be undemocratic for us to oust Karzai, but I refuse to see more blood spilled for an administration that treats women, or anyone, this way.

wendy said...

muchacho estoy completamente de cuerdo contigo,yo solo tengo la esperansa de que la gente se de cuenta que todas la religiones son iguales pero solo con distinto nombre,,,,y me cayo que me encabrona tanto hablar de religion,jajaja,,,,uhy hasta me duele la cabeza jajaja