Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jews Targeted by Stupid People (again)

In a 4 paragraph little story in the Globe and Mail (written by the Canadian Press) B'nai Brith of Canada stated an 8.9% increase in anti-semitic crimes this year alone.

B'nai Brith states Israel's invasion of Gaza as a factor, but mostly points to the current economic crisis as being the main reason behind the crimes. Over half of the crimes (harassment, vandalism and abuse) have occurred in the last four months, the period where our current recession really took hold.

Let's face it... that's just messed up. Who in their right mind can blame a particular faith or ethnicity for a global economic meltdown? What about blaming the banking system in the US, the war in Iraq and the entire world for believing that the great financial times would last forever?

This whole mess has nothing to do with any one particular group of people... but it's clear that at least 1135 uneducated and probably (more than) slightly unbalanced Canadians think that Jews are to blame.

Muchacho Enfermo

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