Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy crap... Man in the US sold his daughter for 16k

That's right folks... A man from California sold his 14 year old daughter into marriage for a grand total of $16,000 and an undisclosed amount of beer and meat. The only reason the authorities found out was because the father went to the police when payment wasn't made.

Can you believe this crap? I know I can't, not even a little bit. I'd sell, maybe, some hockey cards for meat if I was really hard up, but my own offspring? This dude is nuts... thankfully he now faces a year in jail and then deportation.

I must say that whenever I hear stories like this it makes me want to to jump on a plane and being back the good old vigilante justice that I'm so fond of... If he was in Canada he'd get a slap on the wrist, but since he's in the US this backwards @ss father will face a much harsher sentence.

The moral of this story folks? There just isn't one. Something is just really REALLY wrong with the world when fathers sell their daughters.

Muchacho Enfermo

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1 comment:

wendy said...

sinceramente ese tipo esta loco,pero no creo que sea estadunidence, y si lo es esta completamente chiflado, la verdad hay cada gente que piensa de las mujeres como objetos y estan muy mal,,,, quero saber que le haria la hija si pudiera!!!jajajaja, yo le cortaria los huev..s para que no tenga mas hijosy con eso se va el p.ne para que se lo sienta de verdad, jajajajaja,jajajajaja,,,,, jajajajaja...