Monday, January 5, 2009

Vote for Ahsin Mettacara

Ashin Mettacara, who's blog can be found in my blogroll and is someone I've had the privilege to chat with in the past, is a 27 year old Buddhist monk from Burma that is doing his best to spread the word about the injustices suffered in his country. For all of you who like reading Generation Y and about Cuba's struggles, Ashin's website is very much along the same lines, blogging under less than favorable conditions in a country where monks are sentenced to 68 years in prison for marching peacefully in the street and comedians are jailed for making a joke about the "government".

Yesterday was the 61st anniversary of Burma's independence from British rule. How much longer will it have to wait for independence from ruthless dictators?

Ashin Mettacara is one of Burma's best known bloggers and is nominated for best Asian Blog at the weblog awards.

vote here

Muchacho Enfermo

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