Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brazeau picks the Senate

It was reported in the Globe and Mail that Patrick Brazeau has picked his recently offered senator job over his previous job as National Chief of the Congress of Aboriginals People.

Originally he had planned to hold down both jobs, each job had a salary of over 100,000$ per year. Many people both on the Native side and on the non-Native side thought that he would be in clear conflict of interest. On one side he would be expected to lobby for Native issues to the government, on the other side he would be part of the very government he would be lobbying to.

Mr Brazeau is currently facing sexual harassment charges filed by former employees. A few people within the Congress of Aboriginals People are also calling for him to step down from his senate job because of these allegations.

In the end the 34 year old chose the job with the better salary and where he has the endorsement of Stephen Harper.
Wouldn't you?

For more on this issue please read a more in depth analysis on The Nexus of Assholery.

Muchacho Enfermo


Patrick Ross said...

Personally, I'm kind of concerned over the sexual harrassment allegations against Brazeau.

When it first came up, my attitude was "well, OK, they investigated this."

Now they've suspended Walker Menard (Manitoba director of CAP) for bringing up his concerns about that process of inquiry.

Something here smells suspicious.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

I think you're right.
This whole thing reeks.

I wasn't too sure about his appointment in the first place, but now I'm thinking that it's just not a good thing for the senate.

Patrick Ross said...

Well, I think Brazeau would be a good Senator, provided that he can be cleared of these charges.

It could happen.