Monday, January 25, 2010

Enough of this shit...

So today I'm reading an article from Cubasi that talks about ALBA and its plans for recovery in Haiti. Where Hugo Chavez (surprise!) is saying that Venezuela's aid can't get in because the ports are "in the hands of the Yanks." Also at this "summit" they are to discuss the "Bolivarian counterattack against right wing actions on progressive movements in the region.”

Which right wing actions would those be? Would those be the sending of American troops to secure and stabilize a port and an airport to allow over 180 flights per day to come in and out of Haiti? Or the thousand of NGO volunteers from Europe, Canada, the US and the world that are present on the ground? Seriously!

This shit kills me! Today in Montreal there was a conference with 14 nations and many organizations (including the UN) to talk about help and reconstruction in Haiti. One of the key people at this conference was the Haitian prime minister... was he at the ALBA conference as well? I don't think so.

Where was Cuba that bitched so hard at the Americans for sending troops? Where was Venezuela and its accusatory finger pointing? They weren't here in my hometown. They were somewhere warm complaining about the Americans. I'm sure the Americans have a political agenda in Haiti, everyone does, even if it's something simple like boosting a country's image. But at least we here at our conference didn't talk of an attack on Bolivarian left wing initiatives in the region. I believe Chavez and his minions are the ones with the actual agenda here. Not the rest of us.

The only agenda we had was this comprehensive 6 point plan to help rebuild Haiti:

1. Ownership – Respect for Haitian sovereignty will see foreign aid aligned with the priorities of the government of Haiti.

2. Co-ordination – The United Nations will play a key co-ordinating role, under the leadership of the Haitian government. The UN will co-ordinate efforts with donor countries.

3. Sustainability – Donor countries will commit an initial 10-year reconstruction period.

4. Effectiveness – Recognized principles of aid effectiveness and humanitarian donorship will be followed.

5. Inclusiveness – The Haitian diaspora and the private sector will play a role in Haiti’s reconstruction, along with the government of Haiti, foreign governments, the UN, donor countries and non-governmental organizations.

6. Accountability – Mutual transparency and accountability on the part of the government and Haiti and the international community will see performance reviews become an ongoing joint effort.

Wow... this really sounds like "right wing actions on progressive movements in the region" and must be stopped this instant.

Once again, I am shocked that anyone would swallow Chavez's garbage and hate mongering.

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Charlie Bravo said...

Right on the money, my friend

~Zurama~ said...

Muchacho I am so pissed off! I can't believe the shit that people are saying about the US. How ungrateful!!! Chavez is such a moron, but I guess people like stupidity, because they believe everything he says.

Anyone with half a brain would know that without the US military, the Airport would still be unusable. where would the food that has been dropped come from? Yes things have not gone perfectly, but that's because it was a Catastrophe!

Did you hear how they are saying that the US is trying to take over Haiti? Please......Haiti is going to be a money pit, and it's the last thing the US economy needed, but I'm glad we are there and I hope we keep a close eye on the lousy Haitian government!

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Well to be fair Haiti's current government wasn't all that bad. There's just only so much a government can do with a GDP for like 6.8 billion dollars (compared to 1.5 trillion for Canada)...

The problem with Haiti is gross mismanagement of resources since its independence from France and gross mismanagement of funds from a string of corrupt governments through the past decades.

I'm glad the international community is stepping up though and I am happy that countries such as the US are there to ensure some order through the chaos that is reigning through the streets.