Monday, September 14, 2009

The Old Adidas Project

So after a long weekend of driving everywhere in the damned province, I decided to reward myself with a new pair of Adidas. This brings about the official retirement of my old Adidas as my everyday shoes.

Meaning that as of right now I would like to launch a project (that probably won't catch on) but here it is anyways:

The Old Adidas Project:
- Email me: and give me your name/pseudonym and an address where I can post my shoes.
- I will send you my old Adidas and all I ask is that you take a picture of the Adidas somewhere in your surroundings, your city, your travels and that you post them back to me along with your story.
- Once I have a few stories I will start a new blog detailing the new adventures of my old and well traveled shoes.
- (Don't worry they don't smell)

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