Saturday, August 8, 2009

Take Advantage of the Desperate

Humanity once again disappoints me, this morning when I read my paper I notice an article about a drug raid in Montreal, which is really nothing new. But this one was for counterfeit medication.

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) seized fake Viagra and fake cancer drugs arresting 9 people in the process. The fake Viagra isn't the one that makes me mad or upset, I understand that most men don't like going to their doctor and saying "dude my business doesn't work" so they buy stuff of Ebay and in the street.

But the fake cancer drugs? That pisses me off to no end. People who can't afford actual cancer medication are purchasing this drug who think that will help heal them, save their lives, ensure that they can see their children grow up; only to die a year later because the drugs are fake or bad?

I hope these people rot in jail for long LONG time, sadly though our justice system is lacking and they were only charged with "fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and infringement of a registered trade-mark and distribution of materials protected by copyright". What about reckless endangerment, involuntary manslaughter and drug trafficking? Or any number of charges that would actually carry some sort of sentence that was fitting to the crime.

Once again, people have failed us and I'm fairly certain that our justice system will fail us as well.

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Charlie Bravo said...

I feel really bad for the ill who have been swindled by the the peddlers. To scam infirm people selling them fake hopes should be heavily penalized.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

You said it man, I can't believe that these people sleep at night. The worst part is that the system we have in Canada isn't fit to punish any of these people properly.

Charlie Bravo said...

Actually, the civilized world has to learn that there are types of criminals out there who have to be punished in a different way....

Muchacho Enfermo said...

I'm civilized, you're civilized and most of my friends are "civilized" and we realize this. WTF is the rest of the world waiting for?