Monday, July 13, 2009

NDP leader calls for realese of Journalist in Iran

That's right everyone, "Jumping" Jack Layton our favorite mustachioed politician held a press conference in the home of Maziar Bahari a Canadian journalist arrested in Iran in the aftermath of the June 12th "election". It's good to see our politicians speak up considering that Reporters Without Borders announced the arrest on June 20th.

When I wrote about it on this blog on the June 21st, I really didn't expect our government to do ANYTHING because last time a Canadian was detained in Iran was back in October 2008 when the BlogFather was taken and I haven't heard about many efforts being made on Ottawa's part to do anything about it.

So congratulations to you Jack for doing the right thing... now if you could only get the Conservatives and the Prime Minister behind you in this effort, maybe it would actually get somewhere.

Muchacho Enfermo

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