Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twitter #IranElections

(a screen shot from #IranElections taken 5 minutes ago)

A good friend of mine convinced me to join Twitter this week. At first I wasn't exactly sure what the whole point was to my joining and I must admit that to a certain degree I'm still no sure how it works.

But this morning, there is a protest in Tehran and I wanted to know what was happening at the same time it was happening. So I decided to go see on Twitter. Ends up there is a channel called #IranElections and updates on the Green Revolution are coming in at the speed of light. Hundreds of people from government "spies" to people AT the protests are uploading their comments as it unfolds.

This week it is reported that at peek times the channel had over 200,000 Tweets per hour. What we are seeing here people is something absolutely amazing. Not just in terms of Freedom of Speech and the courage to protest, but in terms of ways to use technology to rally together behind a cause.

So go to Twitter, type #IranElections in the search bar and show your support by posting your comment.

Muchacho Enfermo

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