Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Justice System is Guilty of Failing

Not a day goes by that I don’t open my local paper and read about some crazy person that assaults small children or a crazy murderer or a homeless person getting run over by a truck driver. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear the lenient judgments handed down by Canadian and Quebec Courts to child molesters and murderers...

Let me out this in perspective for you: A pediatrician in Quebec is now being paroled to a halfway house after serving the mandatory 2/3 of his 3 year sentence, he was convicted of what? Drugging and assaulting young boys that went to see him. I’m not exactly sure how many boys he was found guilty of having abused, but even if he assaulted only one, that’s one too many. The parole board and his prison councilors all agree that he probably assaulted more boys than we can ever know and that he shouldn’t be released, but it’s the law... there’s nothing we can do about it.

Or the Case of the Snowdon Attacker, this man lost it one day in the Snowdon Metro Station and attacked a 42 year old woman, putting her in a coma for months and disfiguring her, before attacking two other people and sexually assaulting a woman. He was sentenced to serve his 2 year sentence in the community. The very same community he terrorized.

There are a few things wrong with both of these stories:
1- In the case of the child molesting pediatrician... that whole thing is just wrong. Especially his sentence and his mandatory release. Serving 2 years for assaulting numerous little boys? That somehow doesn’t seem even a little bit like justice to me.
2- In the case of the Snowdon Attacker... 2 years to be served in the community? What the heck is that? Is that consolation for the woman he put in the coma and the other woman he sexually assaulted?

It seems to me that my provincial government, instead of worrying about which language I speak in the privacy of my own home, should be focusing on trying to amend the criminal code to help bring ACTUAL justice to the victims of these crimes.

As Canadians we always say we are champions of Human Rights and Civil Rights, we are great at criticizing other nations for their lacks in that department, we are great at saying that certain countries are to harsh in their prison sentences. We are also great at closing our eyes and pretending everything is fine with our justice system.

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wendy said...

como siempre tienes toda la razon, mejor yo ni me pongo hablar pues vengo de cuba, que ya por i misma no tiene ninguna justicia, tolo lo tapan , como se dice un cuba se e tira la toalla, y asi son todos los paises, ellos estan bien y los demas estan mal, pero sinceramente el jues eso no tiene 2 dedos de frente en su cabecita, lo que sentencio esta compleamete mal,,,