Thursday, March 12, 2009

My tax dollars at "work"

It seems that both the provincial and federal governments in Canada are trying really hard to waste my tax dollars again. I don't mean the new "stimulus website" the Conservatives put up or anything of the sort. I'm talking about the mudslinging that has been going on in the National Assembly (Quebec) and the House of Commons (Ottawa).

At the opening of of the National Assembly in Quebec City on Tuessday Pauline Marois and some of our other elected officials focused on trying to discredit Jean Charest by insulting him. He was called a liar and "Marois compared Mr. Charest to the Asian symbol of the three wise monkeys, saying the Premier was more like the “three foolish monkeys.One hides his eyes, the other his ears and the other his mouth. That sums-up very well the steps in Mr. Charest's behavior,” " As reported in the G&M.

In Ottawa things got so bad that the House Speaker ordered MPs to stop with their personal attacks following a verbal thrashing that Michael Ignatieff received from Conservatives MPs.

I can't think of a better way to waste our taxpayer dollars in a time of recession, or any other time, than the way they're being wasted now. We're not paying these MPs over 100,000$ per year to spew garbage at each other like a bunch of grade 3 kids. We're paying them to run the country, take care of what's important to Canadians and Quebecois, we're paying them to deal with the issues, not they're dislike for each other.

They really are acting like school children , probably even worse than kids, because kids do it for free and it always stops when the lunch lady steps in. But with government whatever isn't said on the house floor will be said to the media or on their blogs.

So to both level of government I want to say a heartfelt and very much deserved: Grow up. Don't make me send you all to bed without dinner. And if you start with this crap again, I'm taking away your TV privileges.

Muchacho Enfermo


Nacionalista said...

O governo é como um monstro para comer o dinheiro do cidadão.
Muito imposto é pouco trabalho para o povo trabalhador.
O blog é excelente!
Muito obrigado pela visitas ok!

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Não digo o português mas pus os seus correios de blog por um programa de tradução e gosto de lê-los!