Saturday, February 14, 2009

Canada, my valentine...

In a rare exhibition of patriotism I'll post this... just for kicks.

Valentine’s day...
Dear Canada,
I love the way your moods change with the seasons,
I love the way your government is prorogued for no reason,
I love the way separatists get paid with my federal tax dollars,
I love that Jean Chretien grabbed a sovereignist by the collar,
I love your endless prairies,
And the way the sky is kissed by your rockies,
I love the east and I love the west,
From ocean to ocean and all the rest,
I love that your army is tiny,
I love that your government is a minority,
I love that you try to negate my privacy,
For the good of all humanity,
I love your gun control,
I love that our governor general isn’t old,
I love your freedom of the press,
I love that we can put our politicians to the test,
With all your imperfections,
At least I know you’re mine,
I know you’ll never leave me behind,
Your social welfare system takes care of our poorest,
Your healthcare of our sickest,
Your (almost) free education is great for our children,
Because of you, we’ll be smart for generations,
When I think about your population,
From different roots and different origins,
I almost burst with pride,
Knowing that your open heart is by my side,
Oh Canada, as the song goes,
The bilingual words that all of us know,
I stand on guard for thee,
You know that you can count on me,
So tonight when I close my eyes for sleep,
I’ll sleep easy without needing to count sheep,
Because I know I can count on you,
Canada, there’s no other place like you.

Muchacho Enfermo

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Marxe said...

What can I say... is funny and it's true! ;)