Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Buy American? No thanks... I think I'll stay home.

The Canadian media (and the American media) is filled with news of this whole "buy American" part of Obama's 900 billion dollar stimulus package.

Does it scare me? Nope.Not even a little...
Will it affect Canada? Sure.

But the way I look at it is this: the US has never given a damn about us anyways when it comes to trade. Most of us still have a bitter bitter memory of the whole softwood lumber business. Where the WTO courts sided with Canada and the US gave us the middle finger salute and told the WTO to shove it. Or the "mad cow disease" ban on Canadian beef which bankrupted hundreds of Alberta farmers? We all remember that one.

So how is this new way of screwing Canada any different from the many ways they've screwed us in the past? The only difference is they're now making screwing Canada a legislative requirement. They're putting it on paper and they're telling us: "Hey largest trading partner and neighbor... We're going to pump 900 billion dollars into our economy and at the same time plunge your economy into an even bigger rut. By the way... The President is coming on the 19th better pucker up and kiss his ass..."

Maybe the US is doing what they think is best for themselves, maybe they're doing it because they know that Canada can't afford to do anything about it. But from here on in instead of shopping in Vermont on weekends I'm just going to go ahead and stay home and institute my own "Buy Canadian" policy. I urge you all to do the same.

Muchacho Enfermo


Anonymous said...

Yeah but here's the problem you see... you Canucks just don't understand us Yanks. First of all... you think you're an independent country but you're in OUR half of the hemisphere and you speak English (though some of you whine about it) so what's this separate country garbage? Second, we have to constantly play to the 3%-Sarah-Palin-Base in this country -- the complete idiots who don't get it. "IT" in this case being ANYTHING.

These two "facts" make it impossible to recognize that our very best friends in the whole world are the folks occupying the great white space on the map north of the border, so hey, there you have it.

But... notice that Barack's first "ferrin" trip is gonna be to the great white space to talk to your guy, the one who thinks dinosaurs and Moses chatted with each other -- I think his name is Harper but I suspect it's "Harper-Palin" or "Palin-Harper" or something like that... I mean we don't have a complete corner on idiocy down here ya know.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

I know that one of the big problems that Obama will have will be to cater to those who are more on the right than he is. I was glad to hear that he had cautioned against these protectionist measures. But we'll have to to wait and see what happens in the coming weeks.

I'm not saying the US has a complete corner on idiocy, believe me, I'm not a fan of Harper with his helmet hair... But on the US does seem to own the entire "screwing Canada in the WTO" library.