Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5 years in prison for sex with 10 year old

An ex-Montreal pastor named Daniel Cormier was sentenced to 5 years in prison for having molested and abused a 10 year old girl. His only defence was that he was married to her... The pair were married in his small and obscure little basement church with the parent's consent. Cormier is also on trial in another case involving a minor.

I forgot to mention he also ran for mayor of Montreal here's his electoral platform and a picture... click here please!

As is the case with ALL sentences that get handed through the criminal justice system in the province, this one is much too light. He's really getting 49 months+time served for having raped a ten year old. And you know he's not going to be in the prison's general population where he should be, no of course not, the courts are too worried of what other inmates might to him so at the expense of the tax payer he gets special care. My tax dollars, your tax dollars, the victim's (who is now 19 and works) tax dollars; will pay to protect this pedophile from the big bad inmates. Screw that.

Someone in this country really needs to step up and say enough of this crap... Sex crimes of any kind, crimes against children... we've had enough. Someone needs to petition parliament to say listen: WTF is up with this justice system? the dude who raped my 10 year old daughter got 5 years (maximum) that's not justice, that's a slap in the victim's face. And really people, that's exactly what 5 years is: 5 years is what the crown thinks her being robbed of her childhood is worth.

This makes me sick.

Muchacho Enfermo


Tazeen said...

Holy shit

and I thought only we have creepy politicians with an eye on under age girls.

PS: Can a minor get married(even with parents' consent) in Quebec?

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Oh I think that you'll find that men all over the world have eyes for under age girls...

And to answer your question: yes, with parents' consent underage girls can get married in Quebec and all over Canada. As far as without parental consent they have to be what is called an emancipated minor. Meaning that they have a court order declaring them autonomous. But this case is very rare.

A friend of mine's mother is a family court judge. If you're really interested in finding out I can ask her.

BTW thanks for reading AND commenting!

machinepolitick said...

We have some of the same crap happening here in America. I will never understand someone who would hurt a child in any way, much less sexually. What is even more infuriating is the leniency of the courts and the people who make excuses/petition for the criminal's rights. I'm sorry, if you hurt someone, you get what's coming to you. Put him in with some big angry guy and 5 years will seem like forever for him. I also recommend castration on the first offense.Most of those jerks get out and assault someone else.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Hear hear MachinePolitick!
I'm probably much more left leaning than anyone you link to on your blog. But for this I totally agree with you:
There is no punishment harsh enough for sexual offenders, more specifically ones against children.

The courts in Canada are insanely lenient for this crap and it makes me sick to my stomach. Let the general population have his way with him. He wouldn't even last 5 weeks.