Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chavez is at it again!

Hugo Chavez is at it again... he has had the leader of the official opposition indicted on corruption charges. These charges come on the heals of the opposition leader's election as the mayor of Venezuela's second largest city.

Chavez is also planning a vote (again) to amend to constitution allowing him to remain in control after his 8 year maximum. This opposition leader is seen as the front runner in the upcoming 2012 election.

Reminds me of Russia when all the opposition leaders and party members started disappearing right before the last election and Putin made sure his puppet won the election. (I might be totally wrong on this and please correct me if I am)

Muchacho Enfermo


free hoder said...

I published your comment in my blog , i hope someone do this for you
my translation is slow , so i can not do it fast , sorry

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Thank you, I very much appreciated it. Hopefully the we all can help do something for Hoder.

Patrick Ross said...

Putin is also attempting to extend the term of the Russian Presidency to 6 years. He can run again as soon as Dmitry Medvedev is done his term, and could be President for up to 12 more years!

Muchacho Enfermo said...

You gotta admit that Putin is kind of an evil genius though... The guy is crazy but it works for some reason. They love him.