Monday, July 19, 2010

David and Goliath

By the end of the year, China will have 2000 missiles aimed at Taiwan.
The little island 160 km away that refuses to accept China's rule.
China has stated in the past that it might use force to bring Taiwan into China, much like they did and continue to do in Tibet.

China, a Goliath by world standards.
China is now the world's larget oil consummer.
One of the world's largest exporters (of everything).
One of the world's largest importers (of anything).
And many a small economy (such as Taiwan's) would collapse without China's buying power.

Seems to me that someone should say something if China invades a denicratic country such as Taiwan. Maybe Canada or other G8 members? Maybe the UN can say "please stop or we;ll attack you", but they can't say that because China is a member of the Security council and would veto the motion. Maybe we can place economic sanctions on China if they invade Taiwan... But that would be even more crippling to our economy then to theirs. So I'm sure that no one will say anything.

No one wants to take on Goliath when there is no hope of winning.

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